Leyton & Wanstead election round-up

He wasn’t

Apart from some leaflets and a little bit of canvassing, the general election seems happy to let Leyton & Wanstead do its own thing.

The indications are that people are solidly behind Labour’s John Cryer, with the latest large-scale MRP study indicating that his position has strengthened during the campaign.

Despite some fake news graffiti (see above) it seems the parties are concentrating their campaigning efforts elsewhere, in more marginal constituencies.

★ There was however a flurry of confusion in Cranbourne Avenue and Newbury Court where residents were informed they were in the Ilford North constituency before corrected polling cards were issued. They are, as they have long been, part of Leyton and Wanstead.

A spokesperson for Redbridge Council told Wansteadium: “The error was quickly identified and resolved. Letters explaining the situation were hand delivered the following day to all affected electors, along with replacement poll cards and postal voting packs where appropriate. The streets named above were the only ones affected.”

★ An honourable mention should go to the independent candidate, Henry Scott, who has the distinction of being the youngest candidate in the whole country. He is 18 years old, grew up in Leytonstone and Wanstead, and is campaigning on backing Whipps Cross, stopping Brexit democratically, and climate action.

★ In terms of local interest, Chingford and Woodford Green is on many people’s lists of seats to watch. Iain Duncan Smith has been MP there since 1992 but is seen to be vulnerable to tactical voting. One of the tactical voting sites, Remain United, has the seat as 14th highest target seat. Based on 2017 figures, it requires under 1,000 to vote tactically to force an upset.

★ However you’re voting, we wish you a happy polling day. Photos of dogs at polling stations are welcome, as ever (info@wansteadium.com).