Locksmith stickers arrive in Wanstead

Wanstead has apparently been hit by a wave of “locksmith stickers” which it is believed are ruses to indicate to burglars where there are empty houses.

The Safer Neighbourhood Team has warned residents that the small clear plastic stickers may be used by burglars. Houses in Woodlands Avenue and the Lake House Estate have apparently been stickered. The Evening Standard has reported that bona fide locksmiths who also use the stickers have suffered from residents’ suspicions. Wansteadium reader Tom Dolan, who tweeted above, contacted police about the stickers, and tried to ring the advertised number – but says it did not connect.

The SNT told Neighbourhood Watch coordinators that in parts of Wanstead individually vulnerable houses with, for instance, easy access to the back of the property, appeared to have been singled out. They advised householders to remove any stickers they see.

One thought on “Locksmith stickers arrive in Wanstead”

  1. I did get through on the number on the sticker on my door (pointed out to me by an observant builder a couple of doors down). It was a company near Heathrow, and they said that they had received over a dozen calls like mine and had reported it to the police at their end. They suggested that I report it on the 101 police number, so I have. The thing about these stickers is that they are very small and hardly visible even if you are looking for them. I walked down our road and saw probably three or four. Unfortunately I was already late for an appointment so only had time to bring them to the attention of one householder. Now whenever I go down the road I am peering at everyone’s front door and probably look suspiciously like a burglar.

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