Manor House shapes up

Manor House, the cafe-bar-restaurant in the former Allied Irish Bank, is set to open any day. Seating installed on the former car park at the front is one of the final touches.

In a week which saw the long-awaited opening of Long Horn (review from Suki Orange, our food blogger, coming soon) it’s quite a time of welcome change for previously empty properties on the High Street.

11 Comments on "Manor House shapes up"

  1. Quite excited. Amazing the transformation of our high street in the last year alone.

  2. I like the chef and brewer vs bibendum vibe going on in the garden.

    Anyone seen a menu?

  3. Have lived in Wanstead for 9 years originally from north London. So great to feel a cultural vibe coming to Wanstead so many of us have been waiting for instead of going elsewhere to find it. More to come I hope.

  4. There was a soft opening last night. Local Masterchef semifinalist Michael Sanders, posted a piccie on Facebook and Twitter. Guys your cookery writer really needs to get a bit more on the ball. Lots of openings and closings going on foodwise and most never got more than a basic mention, and rarely a review. I’m sure you could blag a free meal as a local journalist if you showed them the site. Don’t think they’d mind a bit of publicity. Also would be good to read reviews of the Duke, Long Horn and the Wanstead Tap (Michael is running a weekly supper club). Suki Orange needs to get out a bit more methinks!

  5. Looks great. Pity the Snaresbrook end of the high street is now only attracting estate agents.

  6. Any one know what this is going to be like I hear Gastro Pub but would love to know more

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