Manor House shapes up

Manor House, the cafe-bar-restaurant in the former Allied Irish Bank, is set to open any day. Seating installed on the former car park at the front is one of the final touches.

In a week which saw the long-awaited opening of Long Horn (review from Suki Orange, our food blogger, coming soon) it’s quite a time of welcome change for previously empty properties on the High Street.

11 thoughts on “Manor House shapes up”

  1. Have lived in Wanstead for 9 years originally from north London. So great to feel a cultural vibe coming to Wanstead so many of us have been waiting for instead of going elsewhere to find it. More to come I hope.

  2. There was a soft opening last night. Local Masterchef semifinalist Michael Sanders, posted a piccie on Facebook and Twitter. Guys your cookery writer really needs to get a bit more on the ball. Lots of openings and closings going on foodwise and most never got more than a basic mention, and rarely a review. I’m sure you could blag a free meal as a local journalist if you showed them the site. Don’t think they’d mind a bit of publicity. Also would be good to read reviews of the Duke, Long Horn and the Wanstead Tap (Michael is running a weekly supper club). Suki Orange needs to get out a bit more methinks!

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