A weird pseudo-Wanstead in which the fishmonger is called Jenny, la Bakerie is called La Bakery and the BHF shop is a fake newsagent is being seen on tv in a new advert.

The ad, for Sage Accounting, flashes the doctored view of Wanstead High Street briefly (and was spotted by sharp-eyed Wansteadium reader Ruban Kumarachandran).

It’s not the first time Wanstead High Street’s picturesque attractions have featured in adverts. Who can forget the old laundrette (now Bare Brew) becoming a flowing meadow in a bottled water ad? Or Wanstead Barbers in a bookie’s advert?

6 thoughts on “Pseudo-Wanstead”

  1. The same row is also in Sky News’ local election advert (presumably it won’t be shown after today!) but this time the BHF is still there.

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