Redbridge ‘has £1.5m in tobacco shares’

Tonight’s Evening Standard is reporting that, despite campaigning against smoking, Redbridge has £1.5m invested in shares in tobacco firms.

The paper says the council “tried to obstruct publication of its holdings in such companies”, and says that £1m of the council pension fund is invested in RJ Reynolds, manufacturer of Camel, and a further £500,000 in other tobacco firms.

This is, it says, in spite of Redbridge having “one of London’s strongest anti-smoking policies”. The council told the paper that it had an ethical investment policy, but did not “fetter the discretion” of its investment managers.

How to sign up for Olympics tickets

[picappgallerysingle id=”8649313″]If the Evening Standard is to be believed, more than a million people have “signed up” for Olympics tickets. The fear that they might miss out might cause consternation to Wanstead folk every time they drive past the Olympic site if they haven’t yet “signed up”. So how can you do it?

The short answer is, despite the Standard headline, you can’t – yet – so there’s no need to be stressed. And there’s certainly no need at this stage to part with any money.

What you *can* do (and what the paper appears to be referring to) is to sign up to a mailing list operated by London 2012 which will send details of any particular events you are interested in. You can do that here. Signing up won’t, however, give you any preferential claim to tickets. Three-quarters of the 10million Olympic and Paralympic tickets will be allocated by public ballot. Registration for this will be by the website some time next year.