The old Wanstead postcode row rears its ugly head

FullSizeRender (21)Wansteadium reader AJS writes: “Anyone else had issues with Wanstead addresses being wrongly marked as Leytonstone online? I’ve been going round in circles with BT today – our new router didn’t arrive yesterday because “Leytonstone” in an otherwise-correct address seemed to confuse Postie and it was marked as a “Missort” (and redirected to who-knows-where). Speaking to BT today they say it’s just the data Royal Mail gives them, so now not sure where fault is! Any ideas if we can get Wanstead recognised as an actual place in postcode terms! ;-)”

It’s a related issue which has clearly confounded none other than Time Out magazine. Last year, you may remember, Wansteadium stamped its foot in a rather surly manner when Time Out’s Love London awards had one category for Leytonstone and Wanstead. Which was fine, except they called the category “Leytonstone”. The magazine eventually did the right thing and renamed the category following our footstamp.

But lo and behold, this year’s Love London awards has added insult to injury by having a new single category of Leyton – covering Leyton, Leytonstone AND Wanstead.  Time out, Time Out.

(But good luck to the numerous Wanstead shops, bars and restaurants which are contenders – and to all readers, please don’t be put off voting. You can do so here.)


5 thoughts on “The old Wanstead postcode row rears its ugly head”

  1. It is Leytonstone because E11 is Leytonstone and E10 Leyton I tell companies that I live in Wanstead some will change it others do not seem to get the message

  2. Strangely if you look up a Wanstead address on the Post Office postcode finder it gives the town as London and doesn’t mention Wanstead!

  3. This is only one of four identity issues for Wanstead. The other three are the re-zoning of Wanstead and Snaresbrook from Zone 4 to Zone 3 on the underground tube trains; the Borough boundary anomaly at the eastern end of the Green Man roundabout between Redbridge and Waltham Forest, the boundary problem is a legacy from the 1965 re-organisation; the constituency of Leyton and Wanstead, why were we dropped from first billing to second billing?
    It’s time Redbridge Council stood up for Wanstead for a change.

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