Wanstead Fringe to go on

Following government advice about events after the death of her Majesty the Queen, organisers of the Wanstead Fringe have decided the fringe will go ahead in a respectful attitude.

However the Duke Street Party, scheduled for Saturday, has been postponed and will not now take place this week. In its place a smaller ‘beer garden’ and barbecue event will take place. The Duke’s Ronnie Finch posted: “We hope to offer a moment to reflect, and an opportunity to come together. We’ll save the party for another day.”

Government guidance on the period of mourning until the Queen’s state funeral is that the decisions about events are at the discretion of individual organisations and that there is no obligation to cancel or postpone events. Having considered that, the Wanstead Fringe Association decided to proceed respectfully.

The Wanstead Fringe starts on Friday evening and continues until Sunday 25 September. This weekend’s other scheduled events will go ahead, including:

* Fanfare to the Fringe
* The Stars from Wanstead
* A Non-Emergency

* The Children’s book workshop with Karin Littlewood
* Wanstead Pottery sessions
* The Wanstead Kinema

* The Climate Picnic on Christchurch green
* A Non-Emergency

Meanwhile, one of the speakers at the Wanstead Book Festival, Otto English, has seen an obituary he wrote for the Queen become one of the most popular stories on social media. For Politico, he wrote an obituary in which he describes how the young princess, upon becoming Queen, had to substitute her own life for that of being the monarch.

Otto English is speaking on Friday 16 September. A number of discounted tickets for sixth formers and other school pupils are available.

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  1. Not that I knew the Queen but Her Majesty always seemed to be of the ‘stiff upper lip’ generation of ‘let’s get on with it and get through it’.

    WW2 Field Army experience and coping and helping out at Windsor Castle fire 1992. She would support continuation rather than people losing money , especially in the current economy.

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