Wanstead Ginger Pig: It’s you wot won it


The Ginger Pig, now confirmed as opening in Wanstead this summer, will be coming in part thanks to the activity of Wanstead residents.

It was on a Wansteadium post in January which revealed that the former butcher, AG Dennis, had closed that one reader, Paul, left the following comment:


The idea took root and other readers joined in. Well, they can pat themselves on the back today. Having confirmed its intentions to open here, the Ginger Pig tweeted the following:

The firm’s founder, Tim Wilson, quoted in the Ilford Recorder, said:

“I started farming because I bought an old farm house which felt sad and empty without animals, so I ended up getting a few, which then became the start of the Ginger Pig.

“Similarly Wanstead High Street feels incomplete without a butchers shop and I felt a sense of responsibility to restore what was suddenly missing in Wanstead.”

Mr Wilson said it was “bonkers” to have “a fishmonger, grocer and baker without a butcher”.

He added: “It’s very important to me that the presence of the local butcher in villages, towns and even cities is preserved and encourage so I’m very much looking forward to opening Ginger Pig Wanstead later this year.”


These were among the other reactions…



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  1. There has been a ginger pig in Wanstead since 2010; I put her in as a moniker for my artwork for the first Art Trail in 2010 ‘Wanstead – a very special community’ – now sold as prints, jigsaws and cards – a prophesy?

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