Another roll of dice for Bipasha

The restaurant formerly known as Bipasha, which was refurbished and changed its name to Deshi Spice in April last year, has had another regeneration.

The new Indian Garden restaurant is now open for business, complete with a kind of corrugated portico leading to the street. It has a new illuminated sign, though this unfortunately misspells the word “vegetarian”.

As is traditional on this blog, we wish the owners the best of luck with their new venture, and invite readers to submit their constructive and friendly reviews.

PS. Wansteadium reader Luke points out that “licenced” should be “licensed”.

7 thoughts on “Another roll of dice for Bipasha”

  1. I’m glad it’s still there – I used to visit regularly when it was the Bipasha, and had some very good take-aways from Deshi Spice. Look forward to sampling the veggie options.

  2. Good to see the tradition of spelling mistakes continues. The unit was once named “Peprika” in the late 90’s, to be corrected to “Paprika” a few weeks later. As for the food, lets hope the tradition of it being inedible has gone by the wayside. As the article says, best of luck and look forward to the reviews.

  3. Hopefully third time lucky. Looked busy enough- guess their food is better than their spelling! All the best guys.

  4. We have been going to this place for years and always had good food and good service. Mis-spelling seems to be the norm with restaurants in the area – but this only adds to the fun of Wanstead ! – We wish them the best of luck.

  5. Seeing as we are restricted to “friendly reviews” I shall say nothing other than the corrugated iron is an abomination.

  6. Quite surprising that a food-related business is launching in the Wanstead-Woodford Green corridor without any mention of meze-style cuisine.

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