New for Wanstead: Some tenth rate graffiti

Wansteadium reader Jo writes: “So, a new issue for Wanstead? This is so strange as I haven’t seen it here before and I’ve lived here nearly 15 years.” (Sited on the corner of the soon-to-be Sainsbury’s and on a wall on the corner of Nelson Road and Halstead Road.)


IMG_6721 (1)

8 thoughts on “New for Wanstead: Some tenth rate graffiti”

  1. As with other fb posts, don’t mean ‘like’, but just wanted to acknowledge it…

    There’s also some new tagging on a garage door at the top of Nightingale Lane. Not good…

  2. What makes this graffiti different to that on the blue notices on the same building?

    10th Grade graffiti v’s middle class graffiti… It is still graffiti.

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