The Wanstead tree is here… but so’s a seasonal warning

That’s the expert prediction from Scott Whitehead, the resident Wanstead weatherman and Wansteadium’s arboricultural correspondent. When the pine needles are deep and crisp and even on Christmas morn, remember that you heard the prediction here first.

(And of course worth noting that no crowdfunding was involved in the supply of this tree…)

12 thoughts on “The Wanstead tree is here… but so’s a seasonal warning”

  1. Jane, it’s not fully up yet. They’ve just stick it on the ground all tied up. I’m guessing the ‘grand’ switching-on ceremony will be carried out by a suitably global celebrity at a more appropriate date.

  2. George you are right. The contractor will have had to deliver the trees all over Redbridge. I understand the switch on ceremony is on Friday 27th but Cllr Cronin may well correct me!

  3. So pleased that Scott is using his expertise for Wanstead. I’m trying to identify a tree planted at the side of my house. Would you like to take up the challenge?

  4. Parricia, the lights are not on yet nor is the tree ‘dressed’. These things have to be installed before they are switched on. Would you prefer the council tried to rush round and do everything in one day n the 1st December?!
    Some people just seem to enjoy moaning!

  5. In reply to the person that denies these lights are on, the spiral lights around the lamposts have been on for about a week now, 24 hours a day, mid section of High Street, looking up at one of them now. In previous years they came on at a more appropriate date, start of Dec.

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