Parts of the centre of Wanstead including the High Street have been hit by a powercut, which started at about 7.20am and is – unless anyone knows better – still going on. Any updates welcome, electricity permitting, via comments below.

He certainly has a point. zzgavin writes the following on Twitter:

Walk through forest, now local cafe for pastries and coffee, then to butcher and greengrocers, enjoying wanstead life. No bookshop though

It would take a feat of imagination to think anything could change about it now – the Times reported last week that three independent bookshops around the country were shutting each week – so who would bet on one opening in Wanstead in a hurry? But in other news, the Christian bookshop in South Woodford, which, as we reported here, churchgoers were rallying to save, has now been taken over by a charity and will continue selling Christian books. It might even expand to include a cafe, they say.

It sounds like Susan Boyle’s cat, Pebbles, now living in Wanstead, is not actually having a traumatic time at all. But it does sound like the woman who is looking after it for SuBo is. She told the Wanstead Guardian:

“I’m being constantly contacted by newspapers about this. It’s been very upsetting. I had no idea this would cause so much fuss. Some of the things that have been written in the papers are rubbish. They say (Ms Boyle) dumped (Pebbles) on me, but that’s simply not true. (The cat’s) absolutely fine. She’s sitting on my bed.”

Some of those other stories include:
Hello Magazine: “Susan Boyle ‘splits’ with beloved cat Pebbles”
TVNZ: “Susan Boyle’s cat moves out”
Daily Mirror: “SuBo chucks her Pebbles – Showbiz love split sensation”