Wansteadium’s most read stories for 2018

Happy New Year to all Wansteadium readers, and thank you for continuing to read our little website.

We hope you’ve enjoyed it. And because we love traditions, here is our rundown of the year’s biggest stories.  In total Wansteadium had more than a quarter of a million page views this year, with 122,000 visits.

1 The mystery of Saddam Hussein’s Wanstead bench (November)

2 The Wanstead pool is coming! And that’s not all (March)

3 Nightingale on the Green is now open (July)

4 Aeriel photo shows Wanstead Flats danger (July)

5 The Nightingale: This really doesn’t look good (February)

6 Wanstead Starbucks to close (August)

7 The new Nightingale takes shape (June)

8 Wanstead: ‘Too Towie to be hipster’ (March)

9 You’ll love this or hate it (July)

10 New names (February)

11 Farewell Loon Yee (September)

12 No fireworks for Wanstead Flats, as festival opposition organises (November)

13 Vive la revolution (June)

14 Breakthrough at the Larder (June)