Wansteadium’s most read for 2014

Our annual trip down Stats Lane shows another fab year for – ahem – Wanstead’s favourite website. Thank you to everyone who has read, commented, sent photos, received newsletters, tweeted and Liked. It’s all very much appreciated.

So first here are the annual figures showing, from the left, the number of individual visits the site has received, the number of people who have looked at the site, and lastly the figure for the number of different pages looked at.
Jan-Dec 2014
Jan-Dec 2013

These figures are from Google Analytics, which has slightly changed the labels it uses for the columns. We have some doubts about the middle column, which seems very high, but may just double-counting people who look on a computer and a mobile.

In the same period the numbers of people signing up to receive e-mail newsletters has risen from 363 in 2012 to 721 in 2013 and now stands at 1,125.

Thank you too to Wanstead’s Social Secretary Stephanie Pettigrew who maintains the Wanstead Social Diary. With an audience as big as Wansteadium is now getting, if you are organising an event you really do need to get it included – you can send Stephanie details at this page.

And here are the top 10 most read stories for 2014:

1. Body found in Wanstead (April)
2. Manor House shapes up (July)
3. And our new restaurant is called… (April)
4. Wanstead IS to get its own fishmonger (June)
5. Review: Long Horn (July)
6. To the Manor reborn (July)
7. Wanstead Barclays to close (March)
8. What? Another trendy bar? (December)
9. Has Wanstead got a ‘schools’ black hole’? (May)
10. The name of this new Wanstead underwear shop may be genius

Happy New Year everyone, and thanks again.