Wansteadium’s most read for 2015

Thanks to everyone who has helped make Wansteadium Wanstead’s favourite website once again in 2015.*

squirrelAs you can see from the figures below, it’s been another remarkable year for us, and it couldn’t have been achieved without everyone who has been in touch with bits of information, tip-offs, items of news and photographs (including Colin, the sender of this too cute New Year’s Day squirrel). And, of course, it wouldn’t have happened without our regular readers and 1,250 e-mail newsletter subscribers (sign up here if you haven’t already).

So here goes…

In 2015, Wansteadium published 249 blog posts.

It had 190,500 visits from (a frankly unbelievable) 63,413 individual readers.

They read 588,000 individual pages.

And here are the most popular 15 stories from the year…

  1. Review of Luppolo, the new pizza bar… (January)
  2. Shooting in Wanstead High Street (March)
  3. Wanstead’s first £2.5m house? – breathtaking was the word – sharp intakes of breath all round as a house on Wanstead Place went up with price tag of £2.65m. Rightmove says it was later removed from the market. (April)
  4. Wanstead hunt goes global – a CCTV photo of a woman apparently assaulting a woman at Wanstead Tube was printed in papers around the world (March)
  5. ‘Brave new world’ mall plan for Wanstead High Street (June)
  6. Go Wanstead village! – the Times lists Wanstead as one of the most up-and-coming villagey places in London (December)
  7. Wanstead laundrette fire, pictures (January)
  8. Wanstead in ‘top 5 High Streets in London’ – roll over Marylebone/Stokey/Shoreditch (October)
  9. Shocking scenes. Shocking – unmentionable behaviour in broad daylight on George Green. (May)
  10. Wanstead Fringe 2015: The line-up revealed (August)
  11. Waitrose rumours – now scotched (January)
    12. Just about the cutest thing in Wanstead ever – now scotched (December)
  12. Hands up… who saw this coming? Shock as beauty parlour opens in Wanstead (July)
  13. Wanstead in gentrification shock – Amazement as cafe gets smart refit (May)
  14. No ‘Cube’ for Wanstead – brave no world (September)

Happy 2016 to everyone, and thanks again.

*Ok the “favourite” thing isn’t strictly provable. But it worked out fine for British Airways.


8 thoughts on “Wansteadium’s most read for 2015”

    1. This rumour or a variation of it has circulated a number of times in the past couple of years. That’s not to say it’s untrue, but without some independent confirmation, it’s got to be treated as unconfirmed.

  1. Hmm. I suggest people are very careful about such posts. It can damage business if not true. I’ll not believe a word of it until it is verified.

    However, I would suggest that parking is not the biggest issue, more that customers buy the odd bit from the high St and buy the bulk from supermarkets. Restricting parking actually makes for a more pleasant shopping experience.

  2. Dear all. Wansteadium is delighted to confirm that Harvey’s will be open bright eyed and bushy tailed tomorrow morning for all our New Years health kick requirements.

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